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ESP32 Board setup error - 4676 ui.go:561] Call complete, error: The handle is invalid.

While configuring the ESP32 Dev KitC I am getting the error "4676 ui.go:561] Call complete, error: The handle is invalid."
mos detected the port. flashing demo-js. wifi credentials are given.
Please help.


  • edited February 2018

    Please paste full log with the --verbose --v 3 --logtostderr flags.

  • StephenPStephenP United Kingdom

    Hi Hari, I had the same problem in November
    [Nov 7 12:59:45.007] Connecting to the device...
    [Nov 7 12:59:45.319] esp32 30AEA40CE2A0 running iot-kit
    [Nov 7 12:59:45.819] Wrote gcp-esp32_0CE2A0.priv.pem
    [Nov 7 12:59:45.835] Wrote
    [Nov 7 12:59:45.835] (Re)creating the cloud device...
    [Nov 7 13:00:17.163] gcloud device deletion:
    [Nov 7 13:00:19.851] Uploading key...
    Server Error: {"error":"failed to upload gcp-esp32_0CE2A0.priv.pem: The handle is invalid."}

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