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Uncommon License??

There are two licensing pages, and From the latter (emphasis added):

Integrating Mongoose OS in a commercial product without fully releasing your source code or purchasing a commercial license can have legal ramifications. You agree to the GPLv2 terms as you integrate our source code.

Incompatibilities, through taking different components of different sources and ignoring any license restrictions, can result in the software pieces you choose not to be permitted to be used in a single product.

The Mongoose OS License seems to prohibit shipping a product without publishing its source code. In the case of Mongoose does that or not include mjs Javascript code? Does it include the C-code added to make the javascript run? Where to draw the line? If it includes all code, in my mind that means it is not an OS anymore, because operating systems like Linux hardly restricts the user. A requirement to open all code would be very uncommon for an "Operating System". It also goes against the spirit of GPLv2 vs GPLv3.

Note that the phrasing (as emphasized) seems to be backwards: I will not be integrating the Mongoose code, it is, instead, integrating my code... Maybe that is the source of the confusion.

Anyway, I understand the license terms as totally restritive, which means that using Mongoose would not be commercially viable without a commercial license. This understanding in itself confuses me, as it contradicts experience with other OSes. This is regardless of technical restrictions, such as a limited OTA capability.

I need to sell Mongoose to management, so please enlighten.


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