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Questions about OTA Updates

edited February 2018 in Mongoose OS

Hello All,

First, I would like to thank @rojer, @sergey for all the help they have given me to understand Mongoose OS. I recently purchased the solo pricing for the dashboard and would like to understand more about its capabilities which I cannot find in the documentation. I wanted to ask these questions on the forum because I thought they might be useful to other users. We are using the ESP8266.

Am I able to update the init.js file or the main.c file?
I didn't see anything specific to this, just that you can update the OS and not any particular file.

Is it possible to set a trigger to perform an OTA update?
For example, we have an external device that triggers the ESP8266 on when needed, however for power consumption purposes we just shut it off after it performs its 10-20 seconds of logic needed so it's not keeping track of time. Only during certain times when the external device says update, do we want to update.

If I have a 4Mb flash and no external flash, can I still update OTA? Is there a way to create a second partition that will work with Mongoose OS that is 2Mb?

I have registered my device, and I see that handshaking is done, however it says it was never seen? The device is turned off after about 10-20 seconds, so is it not on long enough to register? If so, how long does it need to be on to register?

For the future, we may use the ESP32. I saw in the ESP32 documentation that OTA updates don't count toward the total number of times you can flash encrypt. I wasn't sure if this means these OTA updates are unlimited for encrypted devices?


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