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Developer Center link dead

Trying to use implement a Java script engine in some existing code on an embedded device.
Seem like the V7 could be a good one to use, but having trouble with figuring out how to configure all the defines for the project in V7.c and V7.h.
The link for the development center is dead
Where do get some more info on how to configure the script engine?

Have also tried to look at the mJS project, but it looks like I need to use Mongoose OS to use that.
I just need a Java script engine that I can use in an existing project.



  • Unfortunately v7 was discontinued, so yeah, some links can be dead. You can check out the v7.h public header and read docs there.

    Fwiw, you don't need to use Mongoose OS to use mJS (but beware that mJS is much more limited than v7: it deliberately doesn't implement some major JS features, the biggest thing is that mJS doesn't have closures)

  • I will take a close look the v7.h file again…
    I just only need a very simple Java script engine that have a small footprint in ROM and RAM.
    Sounds like the mJS is smaller than V7.
    Can I just add the mjs.c and mjs.h files to my project and configure the defines in the mjs.h to get it to work?

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