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Mos Tool Flash Issue

mglettigmglettig Switzerland

I have a different behavior between the newest mos tool and an older version when a try to flash one specific ESP8266 board. While flashing with the old tool (v2017011816) seems to succeed the new tool (v1.23) aborts with the following message: "Error: lost connection with the flasher: flasher did not respond". I reduced the baudrate down to 38400 without success.

Is it possible that the old mos tool does not do a proper verify? Because once I try to run the firmware the ESP8266 constantly restarts.

Do you have detailed release notes for each version of the mos tool?

Please find my console logs for the old and the new tool in the attachment.

Best regards,


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    So, with the old tool, the firmware flashes but doesn't work, and with 1.23, it doesn't even flash, did I understand you correctly? Also, how do you build/flash the firmware? Please show the commands.


    So it looks like the "old" you use was released a year ago? That's a really ancient one, not sure I can be helpful with it :( But 1.23 should work for sure, so far I can't reproduce any problems with flashing my esp8266.

  • mglettigmglettig Switzerland

    Yes with the old tool, the firmware flashes but doesn't work, and with 1.23, it doesn't even flash. But this was only true for a specific board that was used productive. With other boards it works flawless. That's why I doubt if the verify works correctly with the old tool. The "ancient" tool is the one that we chose to use in production (we don't want to change the version in production to often).

    Here are the commands I used:
    * new version: mos.exe flash --port=COM4 --esp-erase-chip --esp-baud-rate=115200
    * old version: mos.exe flash --port=COM4 --esp-erase-chip

    Best regards

  • pmannapmanna Dublin

    Not directly related, but just for context: version 1.23 works much better for me, a dev board (Wemos Lolin32 Lite) that wasn't flashed at all, most of the time because of verification/de-duping errors, is now perfectly usable.

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