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No prompt

Hi, I've downloaded and build the latest source under ubuntu, but I don't see the js prompt after boot. What could be? Thanks


  • The funny thing is that in a previous version,I've got 2 prompt everytime I have a newlime! I've tried other MFT and also other terminal, but nothing change.

  • CapstanCapstan Texas, USA

    Unfortunately they seem to have dropped support for MFT. You can use it, but you don't get a prompt anymore which is bizarre. JavaScript can be enabled by setting a flag in a makefile if you build the firmware yourself, but the last time I checked it the API wasn't linked in. You can't even get a WiFi connection. I don't know where these guys are going with this platform, but without JavaScript it is useless to me.

  • Hi Capstan, thanks for your answer , I can not figure out where they are going with this project, but I do very little without the prompt. I don't like the latest version, they have changed many things. I regret a little the Beta4 that, in my opinion, that was fine. tHe 1.0 had problems with the initialization of the serial and this does not allow me to use it fully. I still 'annoying' the fact that they can not fill the old versions, I understand that may not be followed, but certain features were well implemented. Thanks
  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland
    edited December 2016

    Hey guys, JS is coming back soon.
    We have completely rewritten the engine:

    The unique thing about MJS is that it is able to load and call C functions directly. Without writing a line of glue code. That means, you can add some C library to the project, and just call it from the JS. You can do things like malloc, fopen, etc - from the JS. I am not saying one should do that, but that's possible.

    Working sketch:

    You can notice we've thrown away many things from the JS. That is to reduce footprint. Still, MJS is a strict subset of ES6, no nocompatible features are introduced.

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