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Server Crashes

SamuraibikerSamuraibiker Basingstoke
edited December 2017 in Mongoose Networking Library

I have a server built on Mongoose 6.10.
The server is never really idle.
Receives UDP heartbeat messages from 'external' radio network hub, and sends these on a websocket to a UI client.
Every now and then we drop into

void mg_send(struct mg_connection *nc, const void *buf, int len)
if (nc != NULL)
nc->last_io_time = (time_t) mg_time();

 if (nc->flags & MG_F_UDP) 
    { nc->iface->vtable->udp_send(nc, buf, len); } 
    { nc->iface->vtable->tcp_send(nc, buf, len); } 

when nc->iface->vtable shows a value of 0xfeeefeee, and it crashes the server.
Has something been overlooked, or is there something I should be doing somewhere to handle this, to prevent the server crashing?

Thank you

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