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UART RX buffer problem

RooneyRooney PAJU
edited December 2017 in Mongoose OS

I'm using the ESP8266.

static void uart_dispatcher(int uart_no, void arg) {
assert(uart_no == UART_NO);
size_t rx_av = mgos_uart_read_avail(uart_no);
if (rx_av > 0) {
struct mbuf rxb;
mbuf_init(&rxb, 0);
mgos_uart_read_mbuf(uart_no, &rxb, rx_av);
if (rxb.len > 0) {
s", (int) rxb.len, rxb.buf);
(void) arg;

For example, if i send 15 bytes, i receive a 10-byte extra 5 bytes. and 5 bytes come in first and 10 bytes later.
Incoming data is ravigated into a random size..
Is there a way to set the length of your data?
Problems do not occur with TX, but only on RX.


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