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IOT robot for Google + Amazon + Bluetooth

oleoleoleole germany
edited December 2017 in Mongoose OS

Hello everyone,
i have an idea for an IOT robot and would to know if it is possible to do something like this.
I am just a designer and no skilled programmer so I would need (paid) help later to make the firmware and help setting up the cloud infrastructure if a product was to be made out of the idea. The mongoose part of the project will be open sourced - so I do not need a commercial license.

What I am trying to do:
I want to use mongoose os in a commercial consumer product. It is a robot that has several motors that the mongoose os firmware should control separately (speed, direction, start/stop). I made a PCB for the ESP-WROOM-32 ( still without a cryptochip - but can integrate this later). The motors are controlled via ESP IO ports to the Motor drivers(L298) and also I2C PWM IC to Motor drivers for Speed control. I want to the user to control this robot via google, amazon or blueooth.
I do not want the user to setup his own AWS or Google Dev Account. The robot should integrate smoothly into Alexa via Skills and Google IOT.

**The mobile APP
I want to make a mobile APP for iOS and Android that the user downloads to setup and control the ESP32 robot.

  1. The user creates an account
  2. The user uses the APP to setup his/her Wifi Network access on the ESP32.
  3. The user can choose which control type is used: Google home, Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth.
  4. The user can update the Mongoose Firmware on the ESP32

**The Mongoose OS Firmware
1. The firmware scans the users wifi network and displays the names in the users app. The user then only needs to put in his/her password.
2. The firmware receives commands via bluetooth or google/amazon IOT protocols and controls the motors.

Can anyone give me some suggestions if this is possible?
Especially the easy Wifi Setup is important to me.
Also Is is possible to have 3 services included in one firmware e.g. google, amazon and bluetooth control?
Is it possible to store my amazon+google account credentials in the stock firmware securely?

thanks for any suggestions

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  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    the building blocks are there.
    i'd start with making a simple control via the alexa skills.
    see how Steve does that,

  • @Sergey
    thank you for that link.

    I looked at the examples and understand how to make a single iot hardware and connect it to aws and also control it via alexa.
    But I don't understand how that process works when scaling it up. E.g. one device is manufactured e.g. 1000 units. And each unit is sold to seperate customers. So 1000 customers each have 1 device. How do make a stock firmware that supports this. Is there any tutorial on this process?

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    You (the vendor) get an AWS account, and pre-provision all devices you're going to sell, to your AWS account.
    Customers configure new devices w/wifi (or pair w/Bluetooth), and devices get connected to the AWS via the pre-provisioned credentials.

  • @Sergey,
    thank you so much

  • good direction ;)

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