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miot.exe - no space left on devicemake error

Hello! I have problem with building firmware, could you help me? My error is "cannot create directory '/tmp/.build': No space left on device make". The sources directory is in root of C disk (I have Windows 10) and of course I have a lot of free space. Thanks!


make: Entering directory '/code'
  MKDIR /out/firmware
  MKDIR /tmp/.build
mkdir: cannot create directory '/tmp/.build': No space left on device
make: *** [/tmp/.build] Error 1
/sjs/repo/fw/platforms/esp8266/ recipe for target '/tmp/.build' failed
make: Leaving directory '/code'


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    That has been fixed, please try again.
    We've also upgraded the miot.exe itself, please update!

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