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Inter ESP32 secure communication

MisterAMisterA Belgium
edited October 2017 in Mongoose OS


I would like some advise on how to let two ESP32 devices talk to each other in a secure way with some sort of authentication.

I already tried this with the normal espressif IDE, by setting up a HTTPS server on one ESP32, and then by using mutual authentication have a second ESP32 load a web url over ssl in order to toggle a GPIO pin on the first ESP32. It worked but a bit too slow (took about 6 seconds to toggle the pin, I'm looking at doing this within a second).

Can mongoose do something like this out of the box? If so, which protocol would you advise me to use?

In the end I would like to have 15 or so ESP32's talking to each other like this. I don't want to use a broker or anything like that.

Best regards,


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Do the same thing.
    We can confirm that when a workstation fetches from ESP32 via HTTPS on Mongoose OS, it takes about 1 second.

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