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Maximum read / write cycles for file system


I'm using Mongoose OS for prototyping of a device that needs some non-volatile storage (i.e. it is able to restore value of some variables after a power cycle). The obvious way would be to write a file in the Mongoose OS file system.

As the current hardware design based on the ESP32 does not include any battery backup (i.e. I cannot detect a loss in power until it is too late), I need to update this file regularly (once per minute) to ensure that minimum data is lost in a power outage.

My concern is the following: is it healthy for the flash memory to have this many read / write cycles? I'm assuming the Mongoose OS file system would efficiently manage the memory so that there is minimum erasing of flash sectors. Even so, what device lifetime would I be looking at if I keep reading and writing a small file every 1 minute, assuming that the minimum number of flashing cycles before failure for the hardware are 100,000? Are there any other efficient methods I can consider for this purpose?

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