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How to update ESP-IDF version used by Mongoose?

I was under the understanding that Mongoose was using the latest (or at least v2.1) of the ESP-IDF, but today I noticed the following when debugging some other problems:

[Oct 6 08:19:22.180] mg_lwip_if_init 0x3ffb7f9c Mongoose init
[Oct 6 08:19:22.180] esp32_mgos_init smart_button 1.0 (20171006-053822/???)
[Oct 6 08:19:22.192] esp32_mgos_init Mongoose OS 2017100605 (20171006-053822/???)
[Oct 6 08:19:22.192] esp32_mgos_init ESP-IDF v1.0-2193-g953c4b6
[Oct 6 08:19:22.202] esp32_mgos_init Boot partition: app_0; flash: 4M; RAM: 255144 total, 217284 free

ESP-IDF is listed as 1.0, despite Mongoose OS being the latest release version. How do I update ESP-IDF version used by Mongoose?

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