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I2C issues with PIC18(L)F2X/4XK22 and ESP8266

edited September 2017 in Mongoose OS

I am using I2C with the PIC18(L)F2X/4XK22 and ESP8266 but I have run into some difficulties with the I2C bus. For whatever, reason after a variable amount of time that ranges from a minute to one hour of reading values every second, the I2C bus goes bad. The only common thing I have found between all the crashes is a value of 17028 comes in just before/as it crashes. I believe it is a timing issue because the only workaround I have found is enabling level 3 debugging, and enabling debugging for the I2C. Even putting a timer does not seem to solve this issue. I don't know if that will help but it is leading me to believe there is a time issue involved. I have the I2C frequency set at a default frequency, 100,000, and the SDA and SCL at GPIO 5 and 4 respectively. I used the default Mongoose OS installation (no custom build). I was wondering if anyone might have an idea of what the issue could be. Thanks in advance!

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