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Google IoT MQTT topics

edited September 2017 in Mongoose OS

I'm little confused about MQTT topics in Google IoT.
When im creating topic in console its look like 'my-project/us-central1/my-registry/my-es256-device'. Then when my device is subscribing i see:
mgos_mqtt_ev Subscribing to 'my-es256-device/rpc'
mgos_mqtt_ev Subscribing to 'my-es256-device/rpc/#'

And when I push button it sends message to
Published: yes topic: /devices/my-es256-device/events message: {"free_ram":30080,"total_ram":51912}

So when i want to subscribe for this topic should it be
or 'my-project/us-central1/my-registry/my-es256-device/events' ? or other?
and what for is 'my-es256-device/rpc' ? And how to subscribe to it? 'my-project/us-central1/my-registry/my-es256-device/rpc' ?


  • edited September 2017

    Ok its all here and here

    "A device can publish a telemetry event by issuing a PUBLISH message through the MQTT connection. Messages must be published to an MQTT topic in the following format:

    You can also publish to a subfolder, for example, /devices/{device-id}/events/alerts. The{device-id} is case sensitive and must match the string ID of the device specified in the MQTT client ID.

    The messages published to this MQTT topic are forwarded to the Cloud Pub/Sub topic specified in the event_notification_config.pubsub_topic_name field in the device registry resource. The forwarded message data field contains a copy of the message published by the device, and the following message attributes are added to each message in the Cloud Pub/Sub topic:"

    Thanks anyway! :)

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Yes, correct.

    Also, you cannot subscribe to arbitrary MQTT topics with Google IoT (with one exception of a special config topic).
    I think this severe limitation will soon be removed by the Google team.

  • Also, it seems we cannot trigger an rpc call to the device but can only subscribe to /devices/{device-id}/config topic only. Is that true?

  • Hi there,

    I have the same issue. I already read the Google IoT documentation and have searched a lot on the internet but I couldn't find a proper answer.

    My question is: Is it possible to subscribe to any other topic other than /devices/{device-id}/config? and if not, how can I read data from the default telemetry topic using Mongoose OS?

    Any pointers would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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