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Installation corrupted on ESP32 after failed prior install

edited August 2017 in Mongoose OS

I have an ESP32 device that paused installing after, which was my fault.

Now, when I try to reinstall it, I am getting:

esp_image: checksum failed. Calculated 0xec read 0xff[0m
[0;31mE (2104) boot: Failed to verify app image @ 0x10000 (8194)[0m

Is there anyway to save this board and fix this issue?


  • I would try this:

    mos flash --esp-erase-chip

    All mos options:
    mos --helpfull


    Thanked by 1applecrusher
  • I seem to be getting now

    Error: failed to erase chip: error reading response packet: invalid SLIP starting byte: 0x78

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