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ROM switching

I have some questions regarding the ROM switching mechanism of the bootloader on a ESP8266.

- After production I'm using ROM0, ROM1 is empty (due to the fact that I do a full erase before flashing ROM0).
- After an OTA update both of my ROMs contain valid data. The bootloader starts on ROM1 and stays on ROM1 as the function user_init calls mgos_upd_committ.
- So far I could verify all the steps above using the logs.

Now I noticed that when I apply the RESET in the right manner several times in a row that the bootloader decides to switch back from ROM1 to ROM0. As this may be fatal in the field I'm curious about what are the criterias for such a switch? Can I configure the bootloader to not switch back ROMS? Is the bootloader going to switch back from ROM0 to ROM1 at the next restart or is ROM1 marked as bad forever?

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