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Persistent attributes on cc3200

I am trying to define variables as persistent using the following code:
static int persistentInt __attribute__((persistent)) = 1;
Although this builds, the "build.log" file displays the following warnings:
warning #10368-D: section ".TI.persistent" cannot be noinit in RAM model
warning #10247-D: creating output section ".TI.persistent" without a SECTIONS
and the hardware is stuck in a "Bus Fault" error:

      --- Bus Fault ---
       SHCTL=0x00070002, FSTAT=0x00008200, HFSTAT=0x00000000, FADDR=200b57f8
       SF @ 0x20038040:
          R0=0x20035800 R1=0x000078b2 R2=0x200b57f8 R3=0x000078b2 R12=0x000078b2 
          LR=0x20018713 PC=0x2001872e xPSR=0x21000000

My question is, how can I edit the cc3200_mgiot.cmd file so that I can define new sections of RAM to get the persistent attribute working?
Thanks for your help.

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