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New contribution: Native BME280 driver and data logger to ThingSpeak

I could not get the Arduino BME280 drivers working (dumped core all the time) so ported the native Bosch Sensortec drivers to Mongoose OS.

An example data logger to ThingSpeak using the BME280 drivers can be found here:


  • benrbenr Seattle

    Thanks for contributing this! I have a project that requires BME280 and am excited to use this driver.

    In my testing, building your Environment Logger works perfectly. However, when I run your test mJS code sample from the bme280-driver README the code doesn't do anything.

  • Just tested it again and I get (with added pressure):

    [Jul 18 21:33:36.902] temperature: 26.170000 humidity: 64.360000 pressure: 100.356280
    [Jul 18 21:33:37.839] temperature: 26.110000 humidity: 64.284000 pressure: 100.306420
    [Jul 18 21:33:38.836] temperature: 26.140000 humidity: 64.198000 pressure: 100.306010
    [Jul 18 21:33:39.836] temperature: 26.160000 humidity: 64.131000 pressure: 100.311140
    [Jul 18 21:33:40.837] temperature: 26.170000 humidity: 64.087000 pressure: 100.307460
    [Jul 18 21:33:41.838] temperature: 26.180000 humidity: 64.043000 pressure: 100.306420
    [Jul 18 21:33:42.836] temperature: 26.180000 humidity: 64.009000 pressure: 100.309100

    I've attached the source just for sanity sake.


  • Mongoose bme280 driver worked for me quite well. I am using it with esp8266.

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