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Cannot flash Mongoose OS on my new ESP8266 with NodeMCU Amica board

SugarFreeOrbitSugarFreeOrbit Ukraine, Donetsk

I am trying to flash using mos UI. It detects my device but after flashing all i get is this log.

Loaded default/esp8266 version 1.0 (20170714-140655/???)
Opening COM3...
Connecting to ESP8266 ROM, attempt 1 of 10...
Running flasher @ 460800...
E0716 20:08:11.184050    6868 ui.go:456] Calling: Sys.GetInfo
E0716 20:08:16.209592    6868 ui.go:480] Call complete, error: context deadline exceeded
E0716 20:08:16.209592    6868 reconnect_wrapper.go:72] [reconnectWrapperCodec to COM3; connecting...] Connection closed


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