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Trouble building Mongoose IoT firmware

Hi, I'm very pleased with your product at the point that I'm trying to develop a commercial product with it. The problem is that because of the issues discussed here Available memory far less than reported #133 I need to increase STRING_BUF_RESERVE size. So tried to build the firmware by my own, but found this message at Docker Quickstart Terminal:

LD /cesanta/fw/platforms/esp8266/.build/posix_sjs_bin/mongoose-iot
make[1]: Leaving directory '/cesanta/fw/platforms/posix'
GEN /cesanta/fw/platforms/esp8266/.build/fr.c
/usr/bin/env: 'python\r': No such file or directory recipe for target '/cesanta/fw/platforms/esp8266/.build/fr.c' failed
make: *** [/cesanta/fw/platforms/esp8266/.build/fr.c] Error 127

Time to say I'm not near to be an expert in coding, just a curious guy with some expertise in JS that wants to concretize an idea. I believe this error may be related to the use of Python in the container, but to be honest, don't have any experience in Docker nor Python so far. Please help me a little.


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