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AP schema issues for esp8266

liuliu china
edited July 2017 in Mongoose OS

My question is: when esp8266's init.js file is empty and without conf9.js files, the hot spot emitted by esp8266 is unstable, interrupted and unable to connect.


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Yeah, write something to init.js :)
    like, true or something

    We'll fix that soon

  • liuliu china

    @Sergey But I think ordinary users can use the web server to correctly set the WiFi name and password of the user's home, instead of using the MOS tool setting. Can Mongoose OS implement this?
    I'll tell you about my idea of implementing this function.
    First, the esp8266 is not connected to the network。
    Second, the user starts the AP mode of setting esp8266 by pressing the button (PS:use GPIO.set_button_handler, function)
    Third, the user connected to the esp8266 launch hotspot, browser input, and then enter the WiFi name and password, and finally esp8266 restart, the correct connection to the network

    Do you think it can be realized?
    thanks you

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