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issue with mgos_wif_scan ( using mgoose_os_version : 1.4 )

mgos_wifi_scan is not calling the registered callback second time. First when i tried to scan the APs when the device was in AP+STA mode the registered callback was called properly and i got the scanned APs, but when i change the mode to AP using mgos_wifi_setup_ap and again tried to scan the APs using mgos_wifi_scan it scanned the APs internally by using the esp apis but it didn't call the registered callback. And also i saw that mgos_wifi_scan is changing the mode to AP+STA internally so i think there is no need to change the mode to AP+STA before scanning the aps.


  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    IIRC the device has to be in STA mode (STA or AP+STA) to perform scanning. it doesn't have to be configured or connected, but STA has to be enabled for scanning to work.

    i just did a quick test and scanning from AP mode works (after turning it into AP+STA). i'll need you to create a simple app that reproduces the bug.

  • I was debugging the issue and i found that mgos_wifi_scan does not call the registered callback when it is called from the registered handler. The attached file is scan.txt

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland
  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    oh, i see now. you are blocking the main task in your handler, waiting for scan callback:

        if(ev == MG_EV_HTTP_REQUEST) {
            mgos_wifi_scan( wifi_scan_callback, (void *)&ap_count);
                printf("-----waiting for scan done-----\r\n");
            scan_done = 0;
            printf("----scan completed----\r\n");

    this loop here blocks the main task, where all the mOS activity happens. don't run a loop like that on the main task.

  • But this loop is in handler so how the main task got stuck, as you can see the main function (mgos_app_init) is only creating one task ScanThread after creating it the main function will return. I need that loop in the handler as u can see that the scan_done flag is raised from the wifi_scan_callback, so after scaning the aps in the handler i want to send the ap_list to the requester.

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland
    edited July 12

    mongoose events and scan callbacks are executed in main task. loop in your scan task is fine, but you cannot block the main task.

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