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Structuring an embedded web server API recommendations

I know there are a lot of samples on the Github repository. I want to build a JSON based API on my embedded device. The examples given only show how to do a basic reply to a request.

In particular i wonder how to structure the app if i have URL paths like /api/v1/model/ and various HTTP Verbs like GET/POST/PUT/DELETE

I will have to do authentication checks on url paths as well and do some json encoding (i know there is the frozen lib)

I wonder if there are any best practices or bigger application examples that i can take a look at before i start doing it my way. I know how to write these kind of applications in other languages like Java, PHP, JavaScript but i have never done it in C.

I know this is more of a general question, but maybe there are some bigger mongoose applications out there.

Cheers, Friedrich


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