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How to restore ESP32 to virgin / initial state for a fresh Mongoose OS installation ?

Hi. Attempting to run some IOT AWS demos as shown on the website but supplied the incorrect details using the mos GUI tool. How can reset these supplied parameters ? Reloading the ESP32 flash does not remove the incorrect parameters. Suspecting one of the files on the ESP32 is linked to these parameters but not sure which one to remove.


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    mos flash esp32 should do it, or equivalent in the UI - just trigger the device setup dialog and press "Flash" button.
    That will re-flash the default firmware.

  • mon2mon2 Canada

    Hi Sergey. No that does not work - did the same reflashing many times without success. Our issue was related to the wrong aws iot parms being supplied as we are very new to this topic and facing many hurdles to use these tools.

    The videos are nice and enticing but too many critical steps are missing to allow us to replicate your results.

    The proper solution for future readers is:

    1) download AWSCLI for Windows (we are on Windows) -> Enter command prompt
    2) enter the folder that is used for this installation which for us was C:\Program Files\Amazon\AWSCLI so cd c:\program files\amazon\awscli
    3) type in:

    aws configure

    the tool will echo the current AWS credentials where you may alter the values to suit. The MOS tool does not appear to offer a method to correct the raised mistake we made. Took hours to get here to resolve.

    After we corrected these parameters we now appear to be able to use the MOS GUI tool to select the aws region and mos-default parms. Just a few minutes ago, the amazon reply was success.

    Trying to get the following example to work but unable to compile:

    censored the obvious email and node_id details and see the following error:

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Try erase chip before flashing,

    mos flash esp32 --esp-erase-chip

  • Hi,

    The provision to enter Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key was visible on the browser mos app the first time I plugged in my ESP32 devkit, but never again.
    Erasing the chip as per Sergey also did not help to bring the same.

    I tried the AWSCLI commands as mentioned my mon2 above, but it also didnt help me creat a 'thing' in my AWS IOT console.

  • Hi,
    I'm unable to give "mos wifi username password" command through cmd window and also mongoose UI, it is stopping at "Getting Configuration" message, please anybody has solution, help me out.

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