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Changing SSID and Password with ESP8266 without USB/mos etc


I am the new kid on the block since a few days. I must say I am really impressed. I was able to built a prototype of a product idea in literally 3.5h. Works well using AWS IoT shadow, mqtt, neopixels, gpio, ..., configure remotely with shadow, lambda function trigger db update, ... .

Really cool stuff you built. Thank you.

One last hurdle remains and I tried searching for the past days. I find fragments of what I need, but I am dependent on your advice.

When I deploy the prototype in a kind of field trial I can not rely on users installing mos to change the wifi password. From reading around here and elsewhere I got the impression that the following is possible:
- the thing tries to connect to the ssid used last time with using the last known password
- If connection fails X times it stops trying
- Spans up a wifi in access point mode
- When the user connects to the wifi span by the esp8266 and opens a browser he gets
- A very simple webpage with mac adress and two entry fields for ssid and password is shown
- Entered ssid/password is stored on the thing and used to try to login anfter next reboot
- Button on the webpage for reboot would be perfect
- Alternative for getting into access point mode is another button connected to a gpio which forces the thing in AP mode

Can someone confirm this is possible using mJS on mongoose os?

If so, can someone point me in the right direction? A basic example would be to change a config parameter via the built in web server.

The idea above seems so obvious that someone did it already. Or there is a much simpler solution I am not aware of.

How to change ssid/password without mod/usb cable/laptop?

I am lost. Thanks in advance.



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