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Google Cloud IOT Core Support

Mongoose-OS is listed as a partner (, so with this announcement today ( there are some new IOT services being offered, what support should we expect to see, and when? I'd like to start building and testing but do not want to re-invent anything I don't have to...

Thanks in advance,


  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    this chane added support for GCP IoT connections to the mOS firmware.
    simplified provisioning via the mos tool is still yet to come, but for now, once provisioned on the cloud, you can manually configure the device to use a key:

    first, upload the private key:

    mos put my-device.key.pem

    then, configure the GCP client:

    mos config-set \
      mqtt.enable=true \ \
      mqtt.ssl_ca_cert=ca.pem \
      sntp.enable=true \
      gcp.enable=true \
      gcp.project=my-project \
      gcp.region=us-central1 \
      gcp.registry=my-registry \
      gcp.device=test1-ec \

    adjust project, region, registry and device names as required.

  • Cool, I'm still waiting on acceptance on the private beta so I can't yet register devices manually via the google console yet but I understand that you can automate registration and deployment as well.

    Will there be any work on the registration side for deploying at larger scale? It seems like using the mos tool is really just about development, but maybe i'm just making an assumption since you are still working on how that would work.

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    mos is meant to make it easy to register devices during development, yes. depending on the scale involved, you could run it for production provisioning as well.
    i think the answer is that - we have sketched out a number of solutions for mass-provisioning (including creating pre-built spi flash images to be used with industrial programmers), and will address it as real need arises.

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