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Change name of AWS IoT thing

martwanamartwana United Kingdom

Good Evening

I have Mongoose OS running on my sonoff adapters - very well I must say. They are paired up with AWS IoT Shadows, allowing me to easily control them.

I was able to sync up with AWS no problem using the Web GUI for one adapter, and the CLI for the other. One thing I noticed is the device name is set to esp8266_3C113E. There doesn't seem to be any way to change this from within AWS.

I tried changing the device->id in the config file, and also aws->shadow->thing_name, but neither seem to have any effect.

Is there a way to change the name of the thing?



  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    both of these should definitely work. aws.thing_name has priority over, so if you set that, it should be used as thing name.
    but i recommend that you change, so everything is in sync (device id is also used e.g. for rpc topic names, logging, etc)
    please post device's boot log after changing the setting.

  • martwanamartwana United Kingdom

    So I set both those, but it doesnt seem to show in the AWS IoT dashboard.


    Since I asked the question, I built a Lambda + API Gateway tool that will trigger the sonoff's, by the device name - and it does work.

    I'll put this down to the AWS IoT dashboard being stupid.

  • martwanamartwana United Kingdom

    Thanks for your reply!

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    ah, well. changing IOT thing name will not create it. the thing is created during aws-iot-setup process by the mos tool.
    so, you can either repeat that with a different --aws-iot-thing=MYTHING or manually create it from the dashboard and then config-set the (as you already did, the order doesn't really matter).

  • martwanamartwana United Kingdom


    That was the key there --aws-iot-thing

    That doesnt seem to be well documented. That did it for me. Thanks a bunch

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    yeah, documentation is a bit behind, as always :)

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